The objective of this Policy for Confidentiality and Protection of Personal Data (“POLICY”) is to inform individuals in relation to the processing of personal data of job applicants, suppliers, online and physical visitors, members, customers, shareholders and partners of ROSANİSA’s (“Data Supervisor”

    1. Personal Data Collected in Relation to Applicant Group of Individuals

In relation to the group of individuals applying for a job, ROSANİSA may process information such as;

  • Personal background, work experience, educational background, foreign language certificate and other certificates,
  • Name and surname, address, date of birth, e-mail address, telephone number and other contact details,
  • Records of information obtained during face to face interviews or via teleconference, video call or telephone,
  • References or information obtained via research conducted by ROSANİSA, 
  • Results of recruitment assessment tools determining skills and personal attributes,
  • Salary expectations, disabilities and liabilities, 

and method of payment. Documents such as a criminal record and health report may also be required

  1. Purposes for Collecting and Processing Personal Data of Applicants

ROSANİSA may process an applicant’s personal data  based on one or more purposes specified  in  the section of this POLICY, titled “VII. Personal Data Processing  Purposes,” in accordance with the nature of the application.

  • Evaluating the suitability of the applicant’s qualifications, experience and interest in relation to  the vacant position,
  • Checking the validity of the information submitted by the applicant or contacting third parties for reference check purposes when required,
  • Contacting applicant concerning the recruitment process or, if suitable, contacting the applicant for any position subsequently opened in the country or abroad,
  • Meeting the requirements of regulations or those of an authorized body or organization,
  • Developing and improving the recruitment principles implemented by ROSANİSA,
  • Implementing operations which are required within the context of occupational health and safety.
  1. Methods of Collecting and Processing of Personal Data of Applicants

Personal data of applicants may be collected during the recruitment process by employing other methods and tools specified  in this POLICY, or with additional methods and tools specified  below:

  • Application form in print or published in  an electronic environment,
  •  CVs which  have been submitted to ROSANİSAby applicants via e-mail, cargo, references and similar methods.
  •  Recruitment or consultancy firms and LinkedIn,
  •  Research carried out by ROSANİSA with the aim of confirming the accuracy of information obtained from the applicant during interviews conducted
  •  Via tools such as video conferencing and telephones,
  •  Recruitment tests which determine skills and personal attributes, carried out and analyzed by experienced experts.

ROSANİSA processes collected personal data via computer systems and human resources personnel, automatically and manually.

  1. Applicant Reference Checks

ROSANİSA may carry out reference checks in respect of  the applicant. The reference check process is usually carried out by means of confirming the accuracy of the information provided by the applicant. Determining factors  that may have been withheld by the applicant and which may have the capacity to cause a threat to ROSANİSA will be part of the research conducted.

In the context of the reference check, necessary personal data such as the identification information of third parties and applicants, work and educational backgrounds may be shared. Personal data concerning the applicant may be obtained from third parties .

Applicants may, at all times, contact ROSANİSAregarding the reference check process.

  1. Applicants’ Rights Related to their Personal Data

Applicants who wish to exercise their rights based on the Law on Protection of Personal Data no 6698 (“LPPD”) may apply to ROSANİSA in accordance with the rules and procedures declared in this POLICY.

  1. The Personal Data Collected During the Application Process Which will Continue to be Processed in the Instance of Recruitment

All personal data concerning the applicant which has been collected and processed during the application procedure are transferred to their personal file upon the decision to recruit the candidate for the vacant position.

  1. Security of Applicants’ Personal Data

With regards to  the personal data it processes,  ROSANİSA does not discriminate amongst data subject groups of individuals (such as applicants, group of individuals, interns). Detailed information regarding the security of personal data is found in the section of this document related to the security of personal data.

    1. Processing in Compliance with Law and Principle of Honesty

In the processing of personal data, the principles which are enshrined in  legal regulations, and those which are related to general confidence and  honesty are being complied with .